“Bringing Innovation and Success Together”

Prince Group is a group of companies founded in 2003 and based in Turkey. It operates in a wide range of sectors including tourism, finance, construction, foreign trade, IT and food. Since its establishment, Prince Group has been a brand that has grown rapidly and offers services in accordance with international standards.

In cooperation with Southside Hotel Management, it provides hotel management consultancy in the tourism sector. The Group's luxury hotels are located in prime locations such as Royal Diwa Resort, Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & SPA and Euphoria Palm Beach Resort. They are also building large hotel projects in cooperation with Li Yapı and Ventures Management. Prince Group aims to provide unforgettable experiences to its guests in the tourism industry. This is realized through its strong presence and collaborations in the sector.

In 2023, SLM Investment Bank was established with the approval of the BRSA. This step is part of the Group's strategy to grow and diversify in the financial sector.

SLM Investment Bank aims to meet a variety of needs by providing clients with a wide range of financial services. The bank will provide clients with services such as investment advisory, portfolio management, corporate finance, capital markets transactions. It will also engage in core banking activities such as accepting deposits and lending.

Fruttifood, operating under the Prince Gıda brand, is a leading brand in the sector with its quality and health-oriented products. Our modern facility in Bucak district of Burdur stands out in the fruit and vegetable sector with its innovative product processing and packaging methods. The fresh product processing unit of our facility is supported by continuous improvement and innovative technologies, ensuring the freshest and most nutritious vegetables and fruits. The products are obtained from quality products grown in line with the principles of sustainable agriculture and organic production.

Prince Group continuously adopts innovative approaches to become a leader in its sectors. Its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaints Management Systems certifications demonstrate its commitment to providing quality and reliable services to its customers.