Prince Group

Prince Group is a group of companies established in 2003 and operates in a wide range of sectors. It is present in tourism, aviation, construction, transportation, IT, logistics, yacht manufacturing, sports, food, packaging and a range of service sectors. The Group's business approach has enabled it to become a leading brand in its sector in a short period of time.

International Standards

Prince Group operates not only in Turkey, but also in countries such as Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Germany. The Group attaches great importance to international standards and development policies. It recognizes human power as the most valuable asset and acts with this understanding.

Sectoral Activities and Collaborations

Prince Group operates in a wide range of sectors, including tourism and agency management, construction, transportation, technology, logistics, sports, food, packaging, health, security, advertising and real estate. The Group operates major hotels in the tourism sector, while also realizing construction projects and undertaking major projects.